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A New Era of Security

Cyberattacks are now more common than ever. These attacks have ability to reach a global scale and result in harm and losses on a huge scale towards an individual as well as a business.

It has become more crucial than ever to be self-aware and protected from as many threats as we can.

On this website I share my journey as a Cybersecurity Consultant and my findings. Stay Tuned for more stuff and enjoy your time being here. Hope you find these things useful. 

Security Audits

Security Audits are really necessary as they help us identity our biggest anomalies and play a crucial role in making company more secure and protecting them from unknown risks.

SIEM and SOAR Solution

In today’s world where there is abundance of data and incidents happening every minute, a SIEM and a SOAR solution are really important to be able to effectively and effeciently deal against Cyber-Threats. An Example of such solution is Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Check out my Blogs for more information on  Azure Sentinel as a SIEM.

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Organizations all around the world spend millions of dollars on Cybersecurity. Lots of Threat Intelligence is released by such organizations and it has become dominant to have those feeds in our environment to make sure they are blocked of. Check out below for such threat intellifence feeds in my findings.


Samant Jaitli

Samant is a Microsoft Security Consultant currently working at Softlanding in Vancouver, Ca. Microsoft Certified DevOPS Engineer and Microsoft Certified O365 Enterprise Administrator Expert. Carry extensive experience working with Microsoft Security Stack with clients ranging from small to large scale. Proficient in deploying, managing, tuning and analysing Microsoft Azure Sentinel as a SIEM and a SOAR, Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure ATP and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
Built and created automations around deploying and managing of infrastructure, security, cloud with powershell, python, java script and REST API.
Following are the Certifications: 

What to do when an Incident occurs?

The 6 stages for an Incident Response plan are: Preparation, Identificiation, Containment, Eradication, Recovery and Lessons Learned.

"There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be"

– Robert Muelier

FBI Director, 2012


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